Design, certification and manufacture of galleys, closets, partitions, video control centers and other interior monuments for the Aerospace Industry. Airworthy also provides engineering services. Their team of aircraft engineers has many years of experience in Cabin Interiors and re-engineer and certify monuments and cabin structures reconfigurations, such as bins, galleys, closets, dividers, and lavatories, complete engineering and FAA certification capabilities. Airworthy’s monuments division supports interior products for virtually all commercial aircraft types, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer airplanes and the main Rail manufacturers.


Airworthy was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide world-class interior solutions, services and support to the aviation industry. Recognized as the trusted partner and preferred provider of airlines and MROs of every size and type. Airworthy provides Cabin Interior Solutions. Retrofit Cabin Reconfigurations, Galley Systems, Galley Components, Video Control Centers, Closets and Stowage Units, Windscreens, Class Dividers and Headers, Oven Replacement Modules, Aircraft Under-floor Kits, Aircraft Crew Rest Enclosures, Overhead Bin Closeouts, Passenger Seat Platforms / Furniture, Supplemental Oxygen Stowage System. Carpet & Vinyl flooring management & engineering services,
 REPAIRS: Lavatory door, sidewall panels, overhead bins, lavatory shrouds, coffeemakers and ovens.

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