Cabin Control Systems

Select from multiple systems to control the cabin from the palm of your hand. Smart Touch Cabin With an easy-to-use and customized interface, the Smart Touch app controls all of the resources of your aircraft cabin through a wireless network from any touchscreen or PED. Manage everything to enjoy all of your cabin’s capabilities. It enables the user to: Change the audio/video channelsControl the volume and the home theater modesCall an attendantAdjust lights and control mood lighting scenariosManage the cabin environment (temperature, window shades up/down, humidity level, and more)Monitor status (water level, door closure, satcom connectivity, and more). Astronics can create customized features on demand (e.g. crew and passenger special options).


Dedicated to developing innovative solutions for VVIP, VIP, business jets, and commercial aviation, Astronics PGA's products are found on the full range of wide- and narrow-body private jets, government jets, and commercial transport aircraft, including Airbus A380, A350, and Boeing 787. As a Tier 1 supplier of customized inflight entertainment & connectivity (IFEC), cabin management systems (CMS), and lighting systems for VVIP aircraft, and a Tier 2 provider of seat motion and lighting systems for high-yield commercial cabins, Astronics PGA is a long-standing partner of private jet completion centers, aircraft and helicopter OEMs, and seat manufacturers. Its workforce consists of 250 dedicated people, with sales and customer support representatives based in France, the UK, Russia, and the USA. Over 80% of them are highly skilled managers and engineers, contributing to the success of Astronics PGA in its specialties. Astronics PGA equipped over 110 jets in the corporate and VVIP market to the full satisfaction of demanding customers mainly located in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and Russia. Astronics PGA equip about 6,000 seats per year with our motion and lighting systems in the commercial aviation market, making Astronics PGA the second largest supplier of such systems for super-first, first and business class seats. More than 80 airline companies are operating our systems, with an unrivaled reliability level.

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