Batiflex AVR 160

Batiflex Floor covering AVR 160 Conform to ABD 0031 and Light Weight JAR/FAR 25.853 (a) App F Part I ABD 0031 > Safety Anti-slip properties Very flexible Product construction 1 – Wear layer 2 – Inlaid pattern 3 – Glass fiber web 4 – Underlayer


Gerflor is recognized as a specialist and a world leader in flooring solutions. Gerflor Group designs & manufactures innovative, decorative and sustainable flooring solutions for all types of applications. As the leader in NTF floorcoverings for aircraft, Gerflor has been providing the aviation industry with high quality flooring solutions and service for over 70 years. Gerflor Batiflex aviation floorcoverings can be fitted in every area of an aircraft: galleys, entryways, aisles, exits, lavatories & cabins. The Batiflex range, worldwide renowned for its safety, reliability and maintainability.

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